We are the art & design department at Turves Green Girls School, in Northfield, Birmingham.

We think that art & design has a vital role to play in the education of young people, as it fosters creative thinking, problem solving, higher level thinking skills – but it also gives students a means of expressing their thoughts, their identity and their ambitions. It can be an outlet for all of these things and more, and be a means of developing a range of skills and abilities. It can of course also be a rewarding and enjoyable activity in its own right.

In recent years we have been lucky enough to build strong relationships with artists and arts organisations within Northfield and Longbridge, most notably Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP). Our students have really benefited from the opportunities this has given them to work with artists and to engage with their local history and community.

Welcome to our new blog. We hope that this will become somewhere that we can share work created by our students, by ourselves, and by the artists and organisations we collaborate with.